Musing: They’re from St. Louis?

My poor friend has been suffering through a lot of “Oh yeah, s/he is from Cleveland,” since moving back here from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. I miss Cleveland, sort of but not really. Not yet. If I am watching something on TV or just chatting it up with her about celebrities or other well-known personalities, I have no shame in pointing out all of the people who are from Cleveland.


Lately, however, I have been saying to her (or myself), oh so and so is from St. Louis. Actually, I say it in the form of a question more times than not.

Today, I learned the recently deceased congresswoman Cardiss H. Collins (D-IL) was born in St. Louis. The Honorable Maxine Waters was also born here.

Never fear, I will not bore you with a long list of St. Louis born discoveries. I just find it interesting that I am identifying with the area in the oddest of ways. Oh and yes, I know Nelly is from St. Louis. LOL


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